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For couples who have longed to become doting parents to babies of their own but getting pregnant is a challenge, assisted reproductive technology (ART) seems interesting and helpful. Different ART methods, including IVF, help women bear children using science-driven technological advancements that manipulate the natural fertilisation process. Let us find out the IVF cost Australia offers to its aspiring parents-in-the-making.


IVF Cost Australia: The process

The In vitro fertilisation or IVF process is very meticulous. The following is a brief step-by-step account  of what happens during an IVF process:


  • Hormonal injections on women to stimulate the reproductive system for egg production
  • Blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor the egg production
  • Egg collection and storage
  • Sperm collection and storage
  • Fertilisation
  • Incubation of formed embryos
  • Transfer and implantation of healthy embryos
  • Embryo freezing (unused healthy embryos)
  • Pregnancy test for confirmation


The mentioned steps are only a brief summary of the IVF process. There are chances based on the discussion with your fertility specialist that more advanced procedures would take place between some steps that would require additional cost.


IVF Cost Australia: The expenses


Here is a quick look at the estimated IVF cost Australia has and how much out-of-pocket expenses you should expect.

Stage of IVF

IVF Cost Australia


Initial Consultation

$150 – $250

Expect additional expenses if  fertility specialists request for diagnostic tests such as semen analysis to evaluate male infertility.

Follow-up consultations

$90 – $150

Still dependent on the tests requested or its results

Drug therapy

$700 – $2000

Hormonal injections for ovulation induction and other oral medications used to prepare the woman’s body for ovulation

IVF cycle from egg collection to embryo transfer

$9000 – $10000

Includes ultrasounds and blood exams. Most clinics also include their doctor’s fees.

Total IVF cost in Australia

$10000 – $12500

Expected Medicare rebate

$4500 – $5000

Total out-of-pocket expenses

$5000 – $8000

This may change per cycle as IVF cost Australia also decreases for subsequent cycles


There are additional testing and steps that a couple may want to undergo to ensure the success of the pregnancy and the overall health of their child-to-be.

Additional IVF Step

IVF Cost Australia

What this is for

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

$10020 ($4200 – $5000 out-of-pocket after Medicare coverage)

To facilitate fertilisation of the egg, the sperm gets manually injected inside the egg.

Egg or sperm or embryo freezing

$820 – $1000

12-month storage of egg or sperm, or embryo costing at least $37 per cell

Frozen embryo transfer (FET)

$3540 – $4000

When the first IVF cycle fails and you want to try again, this procedure implants a thawed frozen embryo unused from the first harvest.

Surgical sperm retrieval

$675 – $850

If the fertility specialist thinks that it is best to harvest healthy sperm surgically than through ejaculation.

Genetic testing

$800 – $900 per embryo

For couples with a family history of genetically inherited diseases, this procedure screens the embryos of that gene to rule out the presence or possibility of a syndrome.


Preparing yourself emotionally and physically for pregnancy is the same with natural conception and the use of ART. It is also wise to plan for the financial aspect of your pregnancy journey so you can better plan for your family’s future. With the information given, you can freely discuss your family’s circumstances and the costs you may incur. You should also discuss with your fertility specialist all your concerns about IVF or any other ART services. Couples and women considering IVF treatment are required to supply their informed financial consent prior to any treatment steps being provided.